Patch - Mexica Flag 3 inches (Full color)

$ 10.00


The Symbol in the Eagles beak is Fire & Water (Atlachinoli) not a snake.
The Eagle is the symbol of North America, Alaska to Panama (Anuahuak)
The Sun is the Center of our Universe
The Cactus and Tunas in the Rock represent Mexico City (Tenochtitlan
The 3 Rocks Represent the triple Alliance of the Tenochtitlan, Tlaltelolco Tlacopan
The Turquoise represents our sky and universe.
This flag is a representation of our capital Tenochtitlan and all North America (Anahuac).Eagle People


Lock-Edge® is the trademark of the edge finish process of these premium bandanas. By this process, all edges are over-lock stitched to be raveling-free and fraying-free when machine washed. It has much better washability than the regular hemmed stitched edges.

Lock-Edge®premium heavyweight cotton fabric and reactive dyeing process make our premium bandanas ideal for long term use.

Made of heavyweight and high-thread-count premium 100% cotton fabric.

Machine washable.

Much more softer, color-faster and durable than the standard lightweight solid color bandanas.


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